Ron Erickson

Chairman & CEO

Founder of Know Labs, Ron has 30 years of board, business development, financial, and executive leadership experience from industries including therapeutics, mobile technologies, and software. Previously, Chairman and CEO of eCharge Corporation, Chairman and Co-founder of Blue Frog Mobile, Chairman and CEO of GlobalTel Resources, and Chairman and CEO of Egghead Software.

John Cronin


Founder and CEO of ipCapital Group, Inc., a leading global advisory company on intellectual property strategy and monetization.

Larry Ellingson


Former Chair of the Board of the American Diabetes Association, Founding Member of the Diabetes Leadership Board, and spent 30 years with Eli Lilly where he headed the Diabetes Care business unit.

Tim Londergan


Founder and CEO of Tangibly, Inc., developer of the globe’s pre-eminent trade secret management platform, former CEO and COO of technology companies, Lumera, Wavefront Venture Labs, and Operem.

William Owens


Executive Chairman at Red Bison Advisory Group, former Chairman of Century Link Telecom, and former Vice Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Jon Pepper


Previously Partner and Owner at Pepcom, Inc., the leader in technology showcase events. Previously founded Digital Focus newsletter, former technology journalist and columnist whose work appeared in The New York Times, Fortune, PC Magazine, and other publications.

Ichiro Takesako


President of M2M Technologies, Inc. and At Signal, Inc. and General Manager of Business Development at Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.