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Know Labs, Inc. is a developer of non-invasive medical diagnostics technology that uses radiofrequency dielectric spectroscopy to identify and measure a wide range of organic and inorganic materials, molecules, and compositions of matter. The technology can be integrated into a variety of wearable, mobile, or bench-top form factors.

Nearly two billion people around the world suffer from diabetes and prediabetes. The Company's first focus is a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device that will provide the user with highly accurate, real-time information on their blood glucose levels, assisting people with diabetes and prediabetes to manage these medical conditions.

As the leading worldwide IP holder in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring with more than 270 patents issued, pending and in process, Know Labs has created a defensible moat surrounding its technology.

Clinical testing is expanding as the Company continues to refine the KnowU, wearable non-invasive CGM and trade-secret algorithms on its path toward FDA clearance. Once FDA clearance is secured, the Company will become the world's first FDA-cleared non-invasive glucose monitor in a $21B+ global market.

The Know Labs Difference

Global Innovator: Novel approach to blood glucose monitoring using RF dielectric spectroscopy.

Medical Device: Medical-grade device with high level of accuracy, on the path to FDA clinical trials for clearance.

IP Leadership: 270+ patents issued, pending, and in-process worldwide, covering 100+ applications and creating a defensible moat surrounding its technology.

Affordable: Highly accurate, non-invasive solution does not require costly disposables and is economical for both patients and society.

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